Weddings - Special Offer

You get an AMAZING Price for your Wedding...

...I get to Build my Portfolio
Ladies (and gentlemen), *Drumroll Please* if you are soon to be married and you are searching for a wedding photographer, you have stumbled upon a gem of an opportunity. 

My Experience:
I am a professional headshot, family portrait, and lifestyle photographer, but I am interested in entering the wedding photography space.

This means two things:
1) I need REALLY good photos for my portfolio; meaning that my shots, edits,  effort, and overall delivery will be my highest quality work.

2) My prices are as LOW as they get, because I don't have the portfolio to justify the $2000 - $5000 most DC Wedding Photographers charge (in 6-12 months, I am aiming for this to be my range!) 
Special Wedding
Package Offer

I only need five weddings to build my portfolio (my initial one at least), so between now and June (while slots last) I will be offering five (5) Wedding Photography Packages at an astoundingly low price of $500. 

...Yes, I said $500. No, it's not because I suck... Yes, you will get really get amazing photos of your wedding, for only $500... Yes, I'll get that photo of you and your Mom that you've always wanted (Yea, I'm a girl too, I know what photo you're talking about). 

I am eager to prove myself; I literally need you and your wedding in order to launch this branch of my business; and I have an insatiable and unstoppable passion for photography (and weddings - *cough* don't tell my boyfriend). 

This is a limited time offer. As soon as I have five booked, this page will disappear and later reappear as my wedding portfolio, boasting the same quality, and quintuple the price.

The Fine Print:
a. This price is contingent upon my use of your [best] photos on my website as part of my portfolio; by hiring my services for your wedding, at the rate of $500, you agree to my use of your edited photos on my website. 
b. This offer is subject to change and will not last long. 
c. All weddings within this offer must be booked by or before June 5th, 2018 (while slots last). The weddings can occur any time within the 2018 calendar year.