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Your favorite moments, with your favorite people.
I am fascinated and astounded by the human capacity to love. I see the compassionate acts we show our family, and even mere strangers, to be the most compelling thing on earth. Every single day, riding the metro from my Arlington to DC, I wish I had my camera. I wish I could kneel in front of a stroller and ask the mother permission to capture her daughters smile with a stranger; or snap the grin on the man who gave his seat for a young woman (not to mention hers); or the couple giggling in the back, in their own world, as if none of us existed... I love these moments and I ache to capture them. This is the excitement and verve I bring to my photoshoots; this is the passion I put into my edits. I want to give you something that will take your breath away. I want to give you something you'll frame in your home for the rest of your life. 

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